Corsi di esempio utili per scoprire i possibili usi di Moodle

This course was created for a workshop at the Mountain Moot 2013 where participants learned how to create Moodle Lessons. There are three lessons available to try as students and a fourth which was built together as an introduction to lesson construction. I have also included the slideshow presentation used during the course of the workshop.

This course is for senior students planning an ascent of Mont Blanc in July. It is also designed to take Moodle newbies through a number of activities showing off the best of Moodle. Download this course from MOOCH here

A course containing a database of many ideas for teaching with Moodle, collated by Tomaz Lasic and donated by educators everywhere.

This course was created by Mark Clarkson and is  designed for students aged 11-12 years old. There are a series of tutorials to follow, leading to a good grounding, not only in how to use Scratch, but a number of specific programming concepts as well. The course is available for download from MOOCH

This first Moodle course will cover the basics of Moodle,setting up and laying out a Moodle course, adding text, images, files and folders. Personalising the site to suit you.